only affect your comfort but also your energy bill. Here are some of the issues that outdated thermostats can cause, and why it’s important to upgrade to a modern smart thermostat.

1. Inaccurate Readings

Outdated thermostats are often inaccurate, which can lead to your HVAC system running unnecessarily, causing your energy bill to skyrocket. Additionally, it may not provide the desired level of comfort in your home. This can result in your home being too hot or too cold, which can be uncomfortable and unpleasant.

2. Lack Convenient Modern Features

Another issue with outdated thermostats is that they often lack the features and functionality of modern smart thermostats, like automatic programming, to adjust the temperature based on your schedule. Instead, control your thermostat from your smartphone while away from home. Outdated thermostats don’t offer these convenient features, which can make managing your heating and cooling system more difficult and less efficient.

3. Vulnerable to Hackers

Finally, outdated thermostats can be a security risk. Smart thermostats have advanced security features, such as encryption and secure communication protocols, that protect your personal information. Outdated thermostats are often not secure, which means your personal information and HVAC system could be vulnerable to cyber threats.

Contact the Experts

If you have an outdated thermostat in your Forsyth, IL home, it’s time to upgrade to a modern smart thermostat to help you save energy and money. If you’re interested in upgrading your thermostat or scheduling a service for your heating and air conditioning unit, contact us at Tica, Inc. Heating and Cooling for more information. With a team of experts and a commitment to providing high-quality services, Tica, Inc. is the ideal choice for all of your heating and cooling needs in Forsyth, IL.

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