Expert Indoor Air Quality Contractors around Macon County

When the air quality in your home or business is poor, you’ll often feel bad. The experts at Tica, Inc. Heating and Cooling can help improve indoor air quality (IAQ) for residents and small businesses in Decatur, Forsyth, Mount Zion, Argenta, Oreana, Springfield, IL and the surrounding areas.

indoor air quality

Why Does Air Quality Matter?

Air quality affects your health in several ways. From minor things like eye irritations and a runny nose, to major health issues like nausea, fatigue, and bronchial infections, your IAQ matters to everyone living in your home. News reports tell us when the outside air quality is poor, but we rarely think about how our IAQ may be affecting our health. After all, most of us spend far more time in our homes than we do outside. Good air quality can happen with the addition of simple things like air purifiers (also called air cleaners), ventilators, and humidifiers.

Things that Influence Air Quality

Because our homes are more energy efficient today, they’re better sealed. That means when we don’t have proper ventilation, the air in our home becomes polluted. The V in your HVAC stands for ventilation and is a part of the system many homeowners neglect.

Excess humidity can allow organic growth to fester, which can irritate our respiratory systems. Not enough moisture in the air allows viruses and bacteria to remain airborne longer, which makes it more likely that we’ll inhale them. That’s why humidifiers are essential, especially in the winter and dry climates.

What We Do

Once we’ve helped you identify the cause of your air quality issues, we can help you select the right products to deal with them. Typically, poor air quality is caused by at least one of the following:

  • Old or poor-quality air filters
  • Issues with your ventilation
  • Too much or not enough humidity in your home

Solutions to Your Air Quality Issues

One of the easiest solutions is to be sure to regularly clean or replace your air filters with quality products. Cleaning your vents every few years can help too. However, when your IAQ isn’t caused by one of those two things, you should to consider investing in a new ventilation or air purification system for your home.

Why Choose Us?

Tica, Inc. Heating and Cooling is a family-owned and operated heating and air company that’s been serving Decatur since 1967. Our Service Technicians work on all brands and offer same day service, in addition to 24-hour emergency services. We employ reliable contractors that provide unmatched workmanship and excellent customer service at competitive prices. Give us a call today for all your residential and light commercial indoor air quality needs. Let us show you why we’ve been in business for so long.

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