On top of the dangers that it might present to you and your loved ones, a refrigerant leak is also one of the worst things that can happen to your heat pump. It’s important for homeowners in Decatur, IL know when their heat pumps are leaking refrigerant. Here are three signs that could indicate you’re dealing with a refrigerant leak.

1. Poor Overall Performance

Refrigerant is the lifeblood of every heat pump. Unlike furnaces, which actively generate heat, heat pumps warm your home by drawing in heat from outdoor air and depositing it into your home. Refrigerant is what makes this action possible.

While in heating mode, heat pumps draw outdoor air into their outdoor units, and refrigerant evaporates as a result of absorbing this heat. Then, after compressing it some more, they condense the refrigerant again inside their indoor units, which releases heat. When a heat pump is in cooling mode, it does the reverse of this.

Without enough refrigerant, none of the above can happen. Hence, if your system’s performance declines across the board, you should at least request maintenance and have a technician investigate the possibility of a refrigerant leak.

2. A Sweet, Ether-Like Smell

Refrigerant has a sweet, ether-like smell. If you detect such a smell at home, check your heat pump’s refrigerant lines. If you discover any damage to them, arrange for professional assistance as soon as possible.

3. Gurgling or Hissing Noises

The telltale audible sign of a refrigerant leak is a gurgling, bubbling, or hissing noise. When this sound comes from your heat pump, it means that air bubbles have found their way into its refrigerant lines. This can only happen if refrigerant has somehow leaked out and provided space for air to enter.

Never try to replace lost refrigerant on your own. Instead, call Tica, Inc. Heating and Cooling in Decatur, IL, and schedule some heating service.

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