Indoor air quality is the key to keeping your HVAC system efficient and keeping your family healthy in Argenta, IL. Here are some possible ways you may be lowering your indoor air quality without even realizing it.

Neglecting Your Air Filter

The most common way you may lower your air quality is by neglecting your air filter. Once the filter clogs, air will find a way into the system through holes and cracks. Without flowing through the filter, contaminants settle in your system and continue to circulate back into your home.

Falling Behind on Maintenance

Your system needs routine HVAC maintenance to perform reliably for its full intended service life. During this maintenance visit, a technician removes the contaminants collected on the circulating fan, heat exchanger, and evaporator coil. If left without cleaning, these contaminants circulate back into your home with the air moving through your system.

Thoughtlessly Using Chemicals

Chemicals are one of the biggest contributors to poor indoor air quality, specifically volatile organic compounds. You’ll find these throughout your home in paint, carpet, furniture, air fresheners, and cleaners.

While you may not be able to avoid all VOCs, you can reduce how many you contribute. Consider switching to natural air fresheners or plant-based cleaners to help reduce unnecessary exposure. Many natural alternatives work equally well or better than commercial cleaners, without the same risks.

Ignoring Indoor Humidity

Indoor humidity is critical in maintaining good indoor air quality. If your air is too dry, contaminants stay airborne longer due to having less weight. On the other hand, too much moisture encourages some contaminants to fester and multiply.

The EPA suggests the ideal range for indoor air quality is 30% to 50% relative humidity. Watch the levels in your home and determine whether you need a control device. It’s common to run a dehumidifier over the summer, and it’s common to add moisture over the winter.

Poor indoor air quality can ruin both your health and your HVAC system’s performance. Schedule a consultation with our indoor air quality experts at Tica, Inc. Heating and Cooling today.

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