If your home in Forsyth, IL, has unique features and design, standard ductwork may not be ideal for your property. Custom ductwork facilitates the unimpeded flow of air and saves space in your home. It may also enhance the efficiency of your HVAC system, thereby saving you on energy bills and enhancing the comfort of your home.

Increase HVAC Efficiency

The turns and bends in standard ductwork impede the flow of air in your home. Joints and connections on these systems can also get loose, and their long stretches can expose the HVAC system to outside cold or heat. The gaps in these joints may let air flow into the crawlspaces and attics, leaving your home too cold or too hot.

Custom ductwork considers the turns and bends in your house and finds a way to reduce resistance to the flow of air. This ensures that hot or cold air does not leak and gets to all parts of your home for efficient heating and cooling. Custom ductwork facilitates the free flow of air, thereby, eliminating the strain on your furnace and air conditioner and allowing them to last more years.

Takes Less Space

HVAC systems can be bulky. Most systems occupy a large area in your basement, especially when you consider the clearance left to meet the fire safety regulations. Instead of having huge and lengthy metal boxes in your home, a professional can install custom ductwork that takes less space and provides an unimpeded flow of air.

Optimize Your HVAC System

Custom ductwork helps you optimize your HVAC system to enhance its effectiveness. The design can help you reduce static pressure through proper load calculation to avoid oversizing equipment. You can further enhance the effectiveness of the HVAC through:

  • Installing a custom radius duct design
  • Reducing right angles
  • Increasing the size of the ducts
  • Eliminating wasted corners
  • Reducing leaks in the ductwork

These optimizations help reduce drag and maximize airflow. A professional can also size the filtration system to the size of the ducts to achieve better airflow.

Custom ductwork enhances the comfort of your home through the unrestricted flow of air. Call Tica, Inc. Heating and Cooling for custom ductwork installation.

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