The ductwork design is among the most critical considerations for every homeowner. Essentially, proper ductwork design bears a huge impact on your house’s air conditioning and comfortability. Here are three ductwork issues that you should avoid in your Forsyth, IL, home.

Improper Sizing

Usually, most homeowners get it wrong when setting the proper ductwork size. Factors that determine the overall ductwork size include your house’s size, air conditioning requirements, and duct location. Additional factors include the duct material and the separation distance between your ductwork and vents.

Undersized air ducts require more energy to provide cool air for your home. Oversized ductworks, on the other hand, cause the HVAC system to work under immense force. Consulting a well-trained HVAC specialist is the best way to avoid this problem when installing new ductwork.

Sharp Bends

Another costly mistake that you could avoid in the ductwork design is sharp bends. Excessively sharp bends inhibit smooth air circulation throughout your home. Such bends also reduce the quantity of cool air spreading through your indoor atmosphere.

Experts advise that you use as minimal bends as you possibly can while installing the ductwork. If you must use the bends, gradual bends are more favorable for sufficient air conditioning.

Air Leaks

Broken seals and cracks are among the most recurrent HVAC problems. Air leaks within the ductwork cause a considerable reduction in the HVAC system’s temperature regulation efficiency. Additionally, unrepaired air leaks enable lots of energy wastage.

Small cracks allow the entry of airborne contaminants into the ductwork. The circulation of these hazardous air pollutants causes several health issues, including breathing difficulties, coughing, and nasal blockage. Organizing preventive maintenance at least once every season eliminates possible leakage in the air ducts.

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