You live a busy lifestyle between work, play, and rest during the hot summers in Springfield, IL. Lately, you may have noticed signs of impaired operation of your air conditioning system, costing extra money and making your home uncomfortable. If a failing compressor is the cause of a unit’s reduced functioning ability, there’ll be telltale signs including some of the signs below.

Warm Air Circulation Throughout the Home

At start-up, you’ll notice warm air flowing that’s been sitting in the ducts. A failing air conditioning compressor inhibits the flow of cooler air inside your home. Warm air continually passes through your home’s ventilation system and should be an immediate cause for concern. The first step to having cooler air flowing again is to diagnose the problem with a certified technician.

Unusual Unit Vibration When Turned On

Your air conditioner unit is performing a hard start if it vibrates and makes loud noises upon start-up. It needs to be inspected and fixed before further use or you risk damaging your air conditioning system.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping

There’s a good chance that the cause of constant tripping is due to a faulty compressor. The circuit breaker cuts off power if the compressor overheats as it consumes too much electricity to operate the unit safely and efficiently. You should repair the unit instead of frequently resetting the circuit breaker.

Air Compressor Doesn’t Start

You’ll notice that the rest of the air conditioning system is running well except for the compressor. Without a working compressor, the air circulation won’t match the thermostat’s set temperature.

Due to the complexity of the construction of its parts, the last thing you want to do is guess what’s wrong with your cooling system and attempt to fix it yourself. If your unit needs to be repaired, rely on a professional who can determine the problem and fix it. In Springfield, we are available for customers 24/7. Call Tica, Inc. Heating & Cooling at (217) 635-2230 for immediate help with diagnosis, repair, and maintenance.

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