Are you concerned the HVAC system in your Decatur, IL, home isn’t performing as efficiently as it should? If so, you might want to have your ductwork inspected. Custom ductwork can help you get the most out of your HVAC system and use energy more efficiently.

Is Your Ductwork Obstructing Airflow?

Your home’s duct system is an important part of your HVAC system. It consists of multiple connections with seams and endless twists to deliver air to all the rooms in your home. Sometimes, airflow gets restricted because the ductwork is too small or too large.

For ductwork to deliver air seamlessly, it must be sized and fitted properly. You want as much of a straight line from your HVAC system to each room to ensure efficient heating and cooling. Custom ductwork helps you achieve this goal.

Custom Ductwork Improves Indoor Air Quality

You achieve more than efficient heating and cooling when you customize your ductwork’s layout. You also get cleaner indoor air. Ductwork that has too many seams and connections can trap pollutants. Straighter ductwork reduces buildup that can trigger asthma attacks, worsen allergies, and cause respiratory illnesses. Start with straighter ductwork and ask professionals about other indoor air quality solutions if you want cleaner air in your home.

Contact Experts for Professional Installation Services

Are you ready to tackle custom ductwork installation? The first step is to schedule an appointment with professional installers. These experts will measure your home and design a custom duct layout that works with your home’s floor plan. The plan includes determining materials and properly sizing the ductwork to ensure your HVAC system always delivers the best airflow.

Are you ready to add value to your home and improve its efficiency? The key is to have your home fitted with custom ductwork. To learn more about our professional installation services, call Tica, Inc. Heating and Cooling to speak with one of our experts.

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