Ductwork is the network of tubes that facilitates the airflow from your HVAC system into your Mount Zion, IL home and back. It consists of various components, including pipes, dampers and connectors. If any part of your ductwork fails to function correctly, it will negatively affect your HVAC system in the following ways.

Impact on Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency hinges on a tightly sealed and well-insulated ductwork system. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) states that in the average household, approximately 20% to 30% of the air flowing through the duct system is lost through leaks. These losses can significantly increase your monthly energy bills, leading to hundreds of wasted dollars annually.

Conversely, a well-maintained duct system that’s properly sealed and insulated allows for the most efficient transfer of air. It reduces the workload on your HVAC equipment and extends its operational life.

Impact on Comfort

Defective ducts, especially leaking ones, usually pick up dust and debris in the attic or basement. These ducts will then transport them into your living spaces. Consequently, you’ll experience poor indoor air quality, which is a major health concern.

Moreover, leaky ducts can also allow for temperature variations in different rooms of your home. Some areas may be warmer or colder than others, resulting in an inconsistent level of comfort throughout the house. This can lead to frequent thermostat adjustments and even system breakdowns.

Impact on Your HVAC System Itself

Ductwork’s influence on HVAC performance is more than just an efficiency concern — it’s also a matter of system health. Damaged or improperly installed ducts can cause your HVAC system to work harder than it should, leading to increased wear and tear. This not only shortens the lifespan of your equipment but also leads to frequent breakdowns and costly repairs.

The answer to all ductwork-related advice is regular maintenance. Changing filters on schedule, keeping vents clear of obstructions and occasionally checking for visible signs of disrepair can go a long way. If you live in Mount Zion, IL, call Tica, Inc. Heating and Cooling for service or a repair to your HVAC system’s ductwork.

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