Dirty air is a major health concern. From allergy symptoms to more serious conditions like asthma and heart disease, there are good reasons to prioritize indoor air quality. Choose the right solutions to make your Forsyth, IL home a little happier and a little healthier.

Improved Air Filters

Start with a good quality air filter and be sure to change it regularly. Your air filter is a solid first line of defense for most particulate matter that would otherwise blow into your home. Once it’s clogged, the filter loses effectiveness and starts causing problems for the HVAC system. When your heater or AC must work harder to push air through a dirty filter, you lose energy efficiency and pay more in utility bills.

Innovative Solutions for Particulate Matter

Take the fight for cleaner air to another level with integrated products that work with your HVAC system. UV lamp air cleaners and air purifiers target microbes before they make it into the ventilation system. These germicidal lamps prevent mold growth on the coils and kill viruses and bacteria. If your home frequently feels stuffy and stale, consider adding a ventilator. These devices efficiently pull fresher air into the home to replace stale air. The air still passes through the filter, so you aren’t dealing with the allergens that would come in through an open window.

Low-Cost Ways to Boost Indoor Air Quality

You can also reduce allergens in your home by leaving your shoes outside, vacuuming regularly, and leaving the windows closed on high-risk days. Particulates also come from air fresheners, sprayed hygiene and cleaning products, and off-gassing from carpets and furniture.

Learn more about indoor air quality from the experts at Tica, Inc. Heating and Cooling. Let us get to work for you.

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