When working properly, your heating system emits a steady hum so quiet that you most likely don’t notice it. However, if you encounter these four heating sounds in your Decatur, Illinois, home, it’s best to contact a professional immediately.


Perhaps the loudest noise you could hear from your furnace is a bang when you turn it on. Dirty burners make it more difficult for them to light, so a large amount of gas could build up. The banging noise may signal that the burners have finally lit. Over time, this can cause damage to the heat exchanger.


There are many reasons why your system might begin to buzz and it depends on where the noise is coming from. Buzzing coming from the control unit could mean the voltage transformer is failing. If it comes from the blower, you might need to replace the fan motor. Buzzing coming from the mounting brackets may signal that the unit is improperly mounted.


A scraping noise coming from your furnace or vents means you might have an issue with the blower fan. You might also hear a similar noise when you turn on your air conditioning. This noise signals a loose blower wheel that needs adjustments or a broken blower that needs repair.


If you experience a squealing sound coming from the fan or furnace, it often means that you didn’t maintain the system properly. The solution is to schedule a tune-up. The blower fan is likely the culprit as it’s one of the only moving parts of the furnace. Over time, the belt found on the blower wheel will wear down and need replacing. The squealing can signify a worn or fraying belt or it could involve a blower wheel that needs a thorough cleaning.

It’s not always easy to distinguish the different sounds that come from your furnace, but if you hear these four noises, it’s best to contact a professional. Reach out to Tica, Inc. Heating & Cooling at (217) 635-2230 to schedule an appointment today.

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