If you want to lower your energy bills and update your home in Decatur, Illinois, you’ve probably considered adding extra insulation or purchasing energy-efficient appliances. While these are great ideas, don’t overlook your HVAC ducts. According to Energy Star, 20 to 30% of heated and cooled air never makes it to your living spaces because it escapes through small cracks and gaps along the way. Fortunately, ductwork upgrades have the potential to lower your heating and cooling bills significantly while improving your air quality and reducing excessive operating noise.

Dust and Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality is a likely symptom of defective ductwork. Leaky air ducts allow pollutants to enter the incoming airstream, which means that dust is invading your HVAC equipment. Particulates pulled in from your attic or basement may also be expelled into your living spaces. In these situations, duct sealing can minimize air leaks, reverse humidity issues, and prevent pest infestations, which can all affect your indoor air quality.

Hot and Cold Spots

Duct-related airflow imbalances are the most common cause of wide temperature variances between rooms. In most cases, our expert HVAC contractors can trace the issue back to ducts that are disconnected, in poor condition, or improperly sized for the building or room. If your home has hot and cold spots, restoring the ductwork can dramatically increase your comfort.

Excessive Noises

Loud rumbling or whistling noises are another sign of ductwork problems. Efficient air distribution systems tend to be quieter because there are less resistance and turbulence from outside forces. If your ducts are clogged with dust or if the air is escaping through gaps, you may notice an increase in wind-like sounds. Improvements in this area can minimize excessive noise while ensuring that each room receives balanced airflow.

Are You Ready for a Ductwork Upgrade?

If you’d like to learn more about the process and our capabilities, call Tica, Inc. Heating & Cooling at (217) 635-2230. Our expert HVAC contractors offer indoor air quality services, ductwork upgrades, and sheet metal fabrication.

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